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"Good Shepherd" goes to France



January in Paris: Curator Kevin Murphy with The Good Shepherd
  • January in Paris: Curator Kevin Murphy with "The Good Shepherd"

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has posted this picture of the lucky Kevin Murphy, curator of early American art, at the Musee du Louvre as CBMAA's Thomas Cole, "The Good Shepherd," is unpacked. Crystal Bridges, the Terra Foundation of Chicago and the High Museum in Atlanta are collaborating with the Louvre on an exhibit of works by Cole, Asher B. Durand and Pierre-Antoine Patel the Younger to illustrate the birth of American landscape painting and its French inspiration.

The exhibit opens Saturday, Jan. 14, with a day-long symposium on the history of American art collections in the United States and Europe.

I've got a call in to the museum asking what has taken the place of "The Good Shepherd" on the wall of the museum. Maybe someone who has been there recently can fill me in?

UPDATE! Cole's "View of Mount Etna" was moved to the spot previously occupied by "The Good Shepherd" (next to Durand's "Kindred Spirits.") Taking the place of "View of Mount Etna" is a previously unexhibited Cole, "Landscape with Indian," according to CBM communications director Laura Jacobs. Thank you, Laura.

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