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Vore pummels the seething throngs with "Gravehammer"



Vores latest album is Gravehammer.
  • Vore's latest album is "Gravehammer."

The long-running Fayetteville stalwarts in Vore released a new album — their fourth — in December. "Gravehammer" is nine tracks of the type of punishing, mid-tempo death metal that the band has undeniably mastered over the years.

Try listening to "Doomwhore" and not feeling like you're being hauled off to an unimaginably painful death by some unspeakably fiendish Lovecraft-ian beast summoned from the dankest bowels of Hell. Plus, the album's cover art is totally bitchin'. It was created by the artist Daarken, who has also conjured up crazy-looking creatures and haunting landscapes for video game imprint Blizzard Entertainment, RPG outfit Wizards of the Coast and EA's Warhammer Online. Check out Daarken discussing the creation of the cover.

After the jump check out a video for "Throne to the Wolves" — directed by David Lipke, of "Slow Southern Steel" renown.

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