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Saturday To-Do: Zoso



Zoso plays Revolution Saturday night.
  • Zoso plays Revolution Saturday night.

ZOSO (Led Zeppelin tribute)
9 p.m. Revolution. $10.

Look: there are Led Zeppelin people and there are Black Sabbath people. That’s just the way that it is, and I won’t go into all the reasons why some folks might be drawn to one over the other. But I am a through-and-through, till-the-day-I-die Sabbath freak. “Observe the Sabbath” might be God’s fourth commandment, but on my own personal stone tablets it’s No. 1, forever and ever amen.

I think Zep is OK and all — and the third album is great — but I just don’t think you can love both bands. You can like both of them, or you can like one and love the other, but nobody’s heart is big enough to honestly love both of those bands. This is a source of some friction in my house, but that’s probably getting too personal. Moving on, a few years back I saw a Sabbath tribute band, which will remain nameless, and even though I really wanted it to be good, it was dreadful. Their Geezer was OK and their Bill Ward was OK and their Tony Iommi was OK, but their Ozzy was missing some fingers, and more importantly, he couldn’t sing like Ozzy.

On the other hand, Zoso is, by all accounts, transcendently awesome, the members bearing uncanny resemblances to their real-world counterparts in Zep, plus they can play like them, which is really saying something because even though my heart belongs to Sabbath, John Bonham is hands down the greatest rock drummer ever — maybe even the only rock drummer ever. So while I pine away for a great Sab tribute, I’ll be very happy for all you Zepheads out there, losing your minds as Zoso soars through “Into the Light” and “Over the Hills and Far Away” and all your other faves.

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