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Morning Wake-Up: The Cozy Kitchen



FILLING:  Hashbrown Scramble with two eggs at The Cozy Kitchen.
  • Kat Robinson
  • FILLING: Hashbrown Scramble with two eggs at The Cozy Kitchen.
I love it when a new restaurant manages to catch that old time country feeling. A lot of places try it, but few succeed off the bat. The Cozy Kitchen in Mountain Home has succeeded so well that I didn’t know it was a relatively new restaurant until I got home and found out about it on the internet. How about that?

I went with a group one October morning to get sustenance. I wanted something rather hearty and, well, so did everyone else, being one of the first truly cold mornings of the fall. We eschewed the pancakes (which I learned later should have at least been sampled) for some great egg dishes. And I can tell you this — it’s all about the hashbrowns there.

As in, the Hashbrown Scramble ($5.99). It’s a fantastic blend of ham chunks, tomato chunks, green bell pepper and onion, topped with two types of cheese, served up with two eggs the way you want them. The cook is generous with the vegetation and ham, and the hashbrowns are nice and buttery. Don’t want meat in yours? They’ll gladly substitute mushrooms instead. A nice, hearty breakfast, served up with a choice of toast or biscuits with creamy pepper gravy.

One of my dining companions chose the Chicken Fried Steak with 2 Eggs ($5.99) and got this cute plate. You know, it’s rare I see decently done sunny-side-up eggs any more, but these were perfect… and heaven help me, it looked like an owl on the plate. The chicken fried steak had been nicely peppered, battered and skillet-fried to golden perfection. It was deliciously fragrant.

Me? I ordered the Steak and Cheese Omelet ($6.29), and it came to the table on a platter, a flat tri-fold omelet package tucked in beside American fries. These are half-circle cuts of potato with the skin still on, skillet fried. They’re a little thicker than a potato but thinner than the average home fry. They were deliciously crisp and brown.

The omelet itself was packed with slices of flat-iron steak sautéed with onions and peppers and paired with a little cheese. It was almost but not quite like a Philly in an omelet and it was just the hearty breakfast I had been looking for. Delicious.

Best of all, it was cheap. Everything was cheap. The place was comfortable with nice country style dining tables and such, and as I said, it felt like it had been there a while. Next time I am through Mountain Home at a different point in the day, I’ll have to try lunch.

You’ll find The Cozy Kitchen on the business route of Highway 62-412 at Club Blvd., about a block east of the Back Forty. (870) 425-0500 or check out the Facebook page.

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