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Best nog in the state



I was honored to participate in something really fun Friday night — the judging for the 7th Ever Annual Nog-Off at the Historic Arkansas Museum. Lawrence Hamilton (who says it's all my fault, right?), Rex Nelson and I sampled six great egg nogs to determine who had the best, while folks came through the door and sampled the same nogs and made their own decision.

Strangely enough, we came up with very different results. Lawrence, Rex and I ended up tying over our two favorites, Drue Pattison's OMnoG for the Argenta Arts Foundation, and Capital Nog prepared by The Capital Hotel's David Burnette. It was a dead heat. The People's Choice went to John Robert Jackson's Eggnog, prepared by Bridget Fennell Farris.

You can enjoy these nogs yourself. The folks at the Historic Arkansas Museum have graciously posted the winning recipes over on their website for your perusal. Enjoy!

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