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Friday To-Do: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights



Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights play Stickyz Friday night.
  • Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights play Stickyz Friday night.

9:30 p.m. Stickyz. $10.

This right here is some Black Crowes-style bloozey Southern rock, complete with a touch of gospel, a back-pocket full of boogie and a hogleg packed with the goody-good stuck in the brim of a perfectly broken-in floppy Keith Richards hat.

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights got started a few years ago in a little hamlet called Dallas, Texas. Of course, no Crowes discipleship would be complete without a stint at the Rolling Stones Academy of Rock 'n' Roll Decadence, and JT&TNL have done their time.

According to the band's bio, the early years were somewhat fraught with substances: "We played until we were about 20, and that's when we discovered booze and drugs, and we quit. Just basically started experimenting with everything. I'm not trying to glamorize any of it, but we went from pure as driven snow to really into some really crazy stuff. It was a real wakeup call when one of my closest friends was lost to an overdose."

Now, we're all aware of how the youngsters in the PADIFW (that'd be the Plano-Arlington-Dallas-Irving-Fort Worth metro) have struggled over the years with "chiva" or "cheese" or whatever weird, low-price permutation of heroin is currently in vogue. But credit Tyler with living and learning: Drugs? Drugs are bad, m'kay? They can be useful in terms of songwriting material, but you gotta get off that ride at some point and the sooner that happens the likelier you are to live to sing about it.

The Jonesboro-based southern rockers Zach Williams and The Reformation open up this 18-and-older show.

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