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Great cookbooks for the holidays: Reader recommendations


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We've been talking cookbooks on Eat Arkansas for a little over a week now. On the jump — reader recommendations for great cookbooks this holiday season.

Jacque Wallis recommends Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible. It's a big thick cookbook, that's for sure. On this link: a recipe from the cookbook for Buckeyes.

Trina Darnell of Hot Springs writes: My favorite is pretty traditional. Joy of Cooking is good for all kinds of things AND it explains why you do things a certain way. Other than that, 1001 Cookie Recipes and Silly Snacks are my favorites. Silly Snacks is a bunch of fun things to make with and for kids, many of which are pretty healthy.

Did you know there's now a Joy of Cooking website? I have two copies of that cookbook myself.

Jeanie Lockeby Hursley writes: Jamie Oliver has a new one: Meals in Minutes. I haven't seen it yet but looks promising. What about apps? My two favorites: Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything & H to CE Vegetarian.

Kay Atchison Brockwell shares: Not sure if it was this year or last year, but the Essential New York Times cookbook is awesome. And I'm partial to the Food 52: 140 Winning Recipes From Exceptional Home Cooks, because I have a recipe in it!

Amber Brewer says: "love the cookbook i just bought called PLENTY ... an amazing collection of vegetarian dishes that range from rich to light yet all the recipes are simple, modern and the 5 i've tried have been amazing! great photos too :) "

Billy Ginocchio adds: "My favorite cookbook of all time is James Beard's Theory and Practice of Good Cooking." I need to look into that.

Christie Morgan Ison suggests two books — The Engine 2 Diet for healthy and vegan cooking (hey, it's hot firefighters, what can you say?) and the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook... in which Christie has a recipe.

Mine? Of all the cookbooks I own, I keep coming back to The Best Recipe from Cook's Illustrated. But I already talked about that last week. A few more cookbook recommendations, including one featuring all Arkansas food, on the way.

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