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Morning Wake-Up: Your Mama's Good Food


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FLUFFY:  Vegetable omelet at Your Mamas Good Food.
  • Kat Robinson
  • FLUFFY: Vegetable omelet at Your Mama's Good Food.
The gnashing of teeth over the closure and moving of the popular downtown eatery has come to an end with the reopening of Your Mama’s Good Food in the Pyramid Building at 2nd and Center. Among the changes — a hearty breakfast served up just as you would expect it from the Stocktons, big portions and great breads on the side.

The new place is bigger than the old place. It’s cavernous and right now pretty straightforward and plain, though there are plans to art up the walls quite a bit. There’s also a separate section ideal for meetings and gatherings. You still get in line for service, pick up your tray, pay and eat.

I went for breakfast the other day. The biscuits had just run out (rats!) but then again I was a latecomer so how could I gripe? I chose a vegetable omelet and a cinnamon roll, figuring any restaurant that had as great rolls as Your Mama’s had to have pretty good morning pastries, too.

The omelet was going to take a little time, of course. I took my coffee cup and walked over to the bar, where Curtis (I don’t know why the coffeemaker had a name, but it did) had a hot pot waiting for me, then took coffee and pastry to the sunny dining area at the front.

Now, I know some things about pastries and where they come from and who does themselves some good this and that. These five inch cinnamon rolls are just as big as the ones at All Aboard but packed much thicker with cinnamon, with a heap of icing ladled on top. In fact, I think the only place I’ve had bigger, more cinnamon-y cinnamon rolls in Arkansas would be Ferguson’s up in St. Joe, which is unlikely to be in range of my morning commute. Yes, I am saying the cinnamon rolls are good.

My omelet was delivered with home fries — good, handcut skin-on potatoes nicely salted and peppered. The omelet itself was very fluffy and filled with all sorts of vegetation — red onion, tomato, red and green bell pepper and broccoli. There was a smattering within and without of Cheddar cheese shreds. It was a very filling omelet, most likely of the three egg variety, very lightly browned and expertly turned. Pretty, in fact.

The next visit will bring on some cream gravy and biscuits for me, and likely some more eggs of some sort. You can just have them scooped up from scrambled with your bacon or sausage, gravy and biscuits on the line or have them cooked to order — and I’ll probably have the latter. I am looking forward to my next encounter with Curtis, as he seems to know how to make proper full bodied but not burnt coffee.

Your Mama’s Good Food is on the southeast corner of the intersection of 2nd and Center Street on the Center Street side, facing Dave’s Place. It’s open 6:45 a.m.-6 p.m. — but let me clarify that. Breakfast is served until 9:30, lunch is served until 2:30 and it's all pick-up orders after that. (501) 372-1811 or check out the Facebook page.

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