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Yarnell's plant will reopen


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I just got off the phone with Buck Layne, president of the Searcy Chamber of Commerce. He just confirmed reports that Yarnell's Ice Cream will eventually return to store shelves.

Layne says Chicago-based Shulze and Birch Biscuit Company has acquired the plant and most of the recipes for the ice cream in a $1.3 million bid approved by a judge yesterday. Initially, it was reported that David Davidson had acquired a good number of the Yarnell's recipes, but after an afternoon of negotiation Shulze and Birch received those recipes.

"I don't know how things could have turned out any better for Searcy and White County and Arkansas than they have," Layne told me.

Shulze and Birch came into Searcy a few years ago and purchased the old Whirlpool plant. The facility now manufactures granola bars and Toast 'Em Pop-Ups.

Not all of the recipes were included in the deal. No word yet on what will happen to the Guilt-Free line, which former Yarnell's employee Jeff Holtz purchased. Holtz had said he planned to re-open that line.

Layne says there's currently no set timetable on when Shultze and Birch will be able to reopen Yarnell's or when Yarnell's products will become available again.


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