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A Place Where they Cried
  • "A Place Where they Cried"

Artist Pat Musick, formerly of Arkansas and now living in Vermont with her husband and collaborator Jerry Carr, has posted to her blog thoughts about her visit last week to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, where her stone sculpture piece "A Place Where they Cried" is placed along the Art Trail. The sculpture refers to the removal of the Native Americans from their lands in the Southeast U.S. along the Trail of Tears through Arkansas. The blog includes pictures of her work and the museum. She writes that "It is awesome to be in Vermont imagining our thirty-five stone 'people' move through the Ozark forest on their 'Trail of Tears.' "

While you're on her website, check out an upcoming exhibition that Musick will tour through the Northeast in 2012, "Our Fragile Home." Find it under the New Tomorrow link.

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