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Wednesday To-Do: RVIVR



RVIVR plays White Water Tavern Wednesday night.
  • RVIVR plays White Water Tavern Wednesday night.

9 p.m. White Water Tavern. $6.

From out of the damp, green environs of Olympia, Wash., comes the upbeat sound of RVIVR, playing punk-rock 'n' roll a la Dillinger Four or maybe Against Me! The band crafts driving pop-punk anthems with lots of palm-muting, boy-girl shout-singing and soaring, dramatic choruses rife with "whoa-ohs" and on a couple of tracks — I kid you not — horns. And it's awesome.

It's been a ton of years since I kept up with DIY punk, but RVIVR (pronounced "reviver") is the kind of band that makes you remember what it's like to be excited about living for the moment, drinking too much cheap beer with your best friends, kissing this town goodbye and flipping a fat middle finger to the square community.

This is music that's earnest but not naive, skeptical but not cynical, bursting with poppy hooks but still capable of leaving a bruise. You know that cute girl with the green hair and the nose ring and the Molotov cocktail tattoo, the one who works at the grimy punk-rock pizza joint in every mid-sized city in the country? RVIVR is her favorite band. It could be yours, too.

Brother Andy and No Hickeys round out what will be a bitchin' show that you'll be glad you went to next time your jerkwad boss has you all bummed out.

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