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Tuesday To-Do: The Sheepdogs



The Sheepdogs play Stickyz tonight.
  • The Sheepdogs play Stickyz tonight.

9:00 p.m. Stickyz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack. $10.

As long as human beings possess the urge to sit around all day smoking pot and listening to classic rock, bands like the Sheepdogs will have it pretty good. Hailing from Saskatchewan, they pull off the Southern rock resurgence sound so well it doesn’t seem right to call them nostalgic—maybe that really is CCR you’re listening to? But no, it’s the Sheepdogs, whose claim to fame (besides, you know, their music) is their democratic triumph against 15 other bands to make the cover photograph of Rolling Stone. More nostalgia at work, apparently, for a time when such an honor would never have been bestowed upon the Jonas Brothers or the cast of Gossip Girl. Like Obama’s Nobel, Rolling Stone could be jumping the gun, but the Sheepdogs are earnest and funky and they’ve done their classic rock homework. Why would you want to get high and watch Gossip Girl, anyway?

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