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FEATURED ITEM:  Arkansas Blackapples.
You've certainly heard of Dinner on the Grounds... or even Dinner on the Farm. How about Dinner in the Field? That's exactly what's happening Saturday out at Scott, AR — where Chef Lee Richardson will be cooking up a six course meal made from all Arkansas foods. Think about it — quail, duck and pork raised right here. War Eagle Mill oats. Arkansas Blackapples and muscadines. Is your interest piqued?

Come out and enjoy this dinner out at Jody Hardin and Barbara Armstrong's Scott Heritage Farm Saturday afternoon. You should really check out the menu and such for Outstanding in the Field's North American Tour date here... on the jump.

Fancy Field Fare
Capital Hotel’s Chef Lee Richardson Takes the Table to the Farm
with Outstanding in the Field Dinner on October 15

Forget farm to table. On October 15, 2011, chef Lee Richardson is taking the table to the farm with the latest culinary experience produced by Outstanding in the Field. Richardson, executive chef of Ashley’s restaurant at the Capital Hotel, will create a six course alfresco menu showcasing his ‘New Americana Cuisine’ using ingredients grown mere feet from the table — which will be planted right in the middle of the crop fields.

Imagine eating fresh heirloom peppers picked just a few feet away from where you are sitting and smelling their ripe, sweet aroma in the air before you bite into their juicy yet complex flavor. Founded in 1999, Outstanding in the Field is a touring culinary phenomenon, traveling in the United States and internationally, known for its traveling foodie celebrations that feature farm-fresh feasts in unique locations such as sea caves, island locales, antique barns, and mountain summits. Every event features a multi-course gourmet dinner with hundreds of guests seated at one long communal table. All of the produce, dairy, meat and seafood is sourced locally and harvested for the occasion. Beginning at 2 p.m., the alfresco dinner will be held at Scott Heritage Farm in Scott, Arkansas — about 20 minutes outside of Little Rock. Scott Heritage Farm’s Jody Hardin and Barbara Armstrong will serve as ‘host farmers’ to celebrate the first time Outstanding in the Field has been to the state.

Richardson, a New Orleans native who was named “People’s Choice for Best New Chef, Midwest” in 2011 by Food & Wine Magazine as well as a James Beard Award finalist, will present a menu highlighting his ‘New Americana Cuisine’ — celebrating the culinary past and exploring the cultural evolution by artfully marrying traditional southern classics with the palate tastes of central Arkansas.

To begin the evening, guests will be offered a classic Southern dish, creamy Pimento Cheese and Fresh Baked Soda Crackers, paired with a glass of wine handpicked for the occasion. Later in the evening, the six course menu will feature Sorghum Roasted Aylesbury Duck from Moss Mountain Farm with Richardson’s famous Arkansas Rice Grits, Black Apples and Muscadine Glaze, War Eagle Mill Oat Crusted Quail Legs with Pepper Jelly, and Old Spot Rillettes and Pork Rinds with fig Mustard and Dill Pickles, among other courses. The meal will highlight the heritage breed of hog that Scott’s farm is known for, the Glouchester old spot lard hog. You can’t get any more local than that.

Included in the day is a tour of Scott Plantation Settlement, full of historic pastimes, and Scott Heritage Farm — an organic farm boasting a community supported agriculture program that has been a staple in the community for more than 100 years. Tickets are $180 per person and are available online via

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