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DANGER:  Nuclear Wings.
So, the Arkansas State Fair. It’s coming up. I’m going to be telling you about the great and weird and too-soon-to-tell foods at the fair this year. But here’s the one you need to know specifically about.

There is a food so hot at the Fair this year, it has made people cry.

Went over to the Fairgrounds for the media preview today at lunch. There were all sorts of great and tasty items there (which I will share with you over the next few days). There were the usual items, too — corn dogs and cotton candy and nachos. And then there were the chicken wings.

SAFE TO EAT:  Chili Sweet Wings.
NOT AS PAINFUL:  Golden Garlic Wings.
Now, there are some great chicken wings there. They’re big, they’re nicely done and they come in oh so many flavors — Teriyaki, Golden Garlic (my favorite), Chili Sweet and Spicy BBQ. And then there are Nuclear Wings.

I have to tell you, I am not much for really, really hot things, but I decided I could take one for the team. Seems I’ve been doing that a lot lately on my food adventures. I was very apprehensive. Let me just show you the photos.


Yes. It was… oh gawd, it was miserably hot. It had a spicy Buffalo flavor to it and at first I thought I would survive without much damage. But then it built. And built. And built. I gasped. I drank half my iced tea. I was handed a cup of ice. Oh. Man. My eyes watered.

I started sweating so bad that my back was just soaked with sweat. The only thing that killed the heat was, strangely enough, Praline Pecans from Ozark Candy and Nuts. MAN.

There were others that tried it after me. My photographer actually liked it, defeating his pescatarian-ism for one chicken wing — which he consumed then licked his fingers. Others didn't fare as well. One woman actually started to cry. These are powerful spicy.

So here’s your warning. Or your suggestion, if you’re looking for a challenge food for this year’s Arkansas State Fair. You know — a challenge food - the sort of thing you get if you have a very macho crowd and want to separate the tenacious from the timid.

The Arkansas State Fair starts Friday.

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