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JERK TOFU:  A strange new Texas State Fair food
  • Grav Weldon
  • JERK TOFU: A strange new Texas State Fair food
A lot of people have asked me the past few days why I have been offering this coverage of the Texas State Fair here and there. First off, I have to point out that Eat Arkansas isn’t my only job — I have to supplement my income. Second, while it’s not in Arkansas, it is research.

See, we get a lot of strange things at the Arkansas State Fair that aren’t found anywhere else, and sometimes those things deserve some publicity — sometimes good (like the healthy Cabritas Wraps featuring goat meat) and sometimes heart-attack inducing (the Pig Licker). Of course, I’ll be bringing you all the fair food stories from the Arkansas State Fair next week.

For now, you can entertain yourself with items you’d like to try or items you couldn’t contemplate consuming (like Fried Chicken Skins and Fried Bubblegum) by checking out my Texas State Fair food primer at Tie Dye Travels. There’s also my top 25 over at Serious Eats.

The countdown to the Arkansas State Fair and its particular brand of weird fair food is clicking away.

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