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What is the quintessential Arkansas sandwich?



SANDWICH:  On cornbread at War Eagle Mill
So, I was contacted by the folks from GOOD magazine last week. They asked me a pretty complex question:

What is your home state's GOOD sandwich? We're not just seeking the most famous sandwich from your state—-we're looking for the sandwiches with the most historical or cultural significance, ones that can be assembled from local ingredients, and ones that support local independent businesses (the ideal GOOD sandwich will do all three). If you can, include a local joint that does it best.

And I was stymied. So I gave them a couple of suggestions. You can read about the one they chose, the Bean Palace's Turkey or Ham Cornbread Sandwich, by following this link.

Thing is, it's ONE of those I chose. If I were to really pin down an Arkansas sandwich, I'd probably have to say the Reuben. But which one exemplifies the state the best? I know there will be calls for the one over at Capital Bar and Grill, where the beef is "corned" on site. And some will say it's served up at Oaklawn — though that sandwich is made from Yankee corned beef. I know — I've been in the galley.

And really, if it wasn't just about the local ingredient angle, I'd nominate The Garden from Jimmy's Serious Sandwiches.

Ya wanna argue about it?

Also, some great sandwich photos for you to look at.

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