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Saturday To-Do: World Cheese Dip Championship


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Cheese dip is a mysterious dish that will be celebrated this weekend.
  • Cheese dip is a mysterious dish that will be celebrated this weekend.

1 p.m. War Memorial Stadium. $10.

Apparently there's this dish that's popular in Arkansas and it's called cheese dip, or "queso." I asked around the office here at the Times, though, and nobody had ever heard of it.

Some thorough research turned up only a single arcane recipe from the dustiest back corner of the internet. First, you take a bunch of those snack packs with the crackers and the spreadable cheese and the little red plastic spreader thingy and you scrape out all the cheese and pile it up on an oven sheet and throw all the crackers away. It's kind of a pain because there's not much cheese in those little dudes.

Anyways, after you've scraped out maybe 150 or so, you go to Taco Bell and ask the manager if you can have 35-40 packets of their sauce. You can ask for only mild sauce, or if you're feeling "spicy" you can throw in a couple of packets "the hot stuff." Take those packets and empty every last one of them all over the top of your cheese pile (squeeze 'em out good, now) and then get a medium sized rubber mallet and smash it until it's all mixed evenly.

Stick it in the oven at about 125 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours or until the smoke alarm starts going off. And that's how you make cheese dip.

This festival includes lots of cheese dip, live music from Velvet Kente, Bonnie Montgomery and Rodney Block and other stuff, including a competition to see whose cheese dip is the best. Bring canned food donations for Arkansas Food Bank.

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