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Thursday To-Do: Zoo Brew



Check out Zoo Brew at the Little Rock Zoo.
  • Check out Zoo Brew at the Little Rock Zoo.

7 p.m. Little Rock Zoo. $20.

With the exception of Homo sapiens, animals generally do not consume beer or hotdogs in any significant amounts, which is really too bad for them, because beer and hot dogs are among the most sublime sensory activities in which one can engage. Especially when there are several types of beers to choose from and the hot dogs were prepared by Hot Dog Mike.

If you're reading this, though, chances are that you are of the species Homo sapiens and therefore can safely consume moderate quantities of beer and hot dogs. But please, be discreet. Don't flaunt your beer-drinking, hotdog-eating privileges in front of those unfortunate lower beasts, whose glassy eyes still manage to convey the inner sadness over their realization that they will never even fully comprehend what vistas of delicious ecstasy lie just beyond the grasp of their beaks and claws and paws and maws.

Perhaps the blues music of The Shannon Boshears Band will provide a sonic palliative for the tragically beer-less, hotdog-less creatures. Just kidding, animals don't really want to eat hot dogs and drink beer.

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