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Thursday To-Do: Culture Shock: The '80s



Arkansas Arts Center hosts Culture Shock: The 80s.
  • Arkansas Arts Center hosts Culture Shock: The '80s.

7 p.m. Arkansas Arts Center. $10-$19.80 (yes, really).

Ah the '80s. Remember what you were like back then?

All havin' feathered hair and Wayfarers with neon green frames? All sufferin' from a totally tubular case of Pac-Man Fever? All sportin' those raggedy red parachute pants and that fingerless glove while dancing around the room and lip syncing in front of the mirror to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," stopping only to answer your hamburger phone? All sayin', "I Want My MTV!" and "Where's the Beef?"? All havin' '50s nostalgia even though the '50s were terrible and you weren't even alive back then?

What's that? Oh, you were born in 1990 and yet somehow you're already old enough to legally drink?


Anyways, this right here promises to be a good time, no matter how many miles there are on your nostalgia-ometer. DJ Poebot spins the hits, The Food Truck serves up the grub, Moon Distributing juices the hooch and the AAC shows off works it acquired in the '80s.

You can dance if you want to, but please don't touch the art.

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