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On 'Kindred Spirits'



Kindred Spirits, at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
  • "Kindred Spirits," at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Justin Gage, who identifies himself as a PhD candidate at the University of Arkansas, has written a long piece about Asher Durand's "Kindred Spirits" and the Hudson River School and more in the Ozark Echo.

Gage writes about New York critics' dismay when the New York Public Library sold the painting to Alice Walton for the museum, saying they:

... forgot how important Kindred Spirits is to the nation’s, not just New York’s, artistic and intellectual history. If Kindred Spirits has become representative of the Hudson River School (rightly or wrongly), then the painting should be viewed in the context of American artistic history as a whole. The emergence of the movement, led by Thomas Cole and Durand, became our country’s first significant and original artistic movement.

I don't think that will make New Yorkers feel any better, but I'm looking forward to seeing the painting when the museum opens Nov. 11.

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