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Tipping: Yes, No, Maybe, How Much?



There’s been a lot of talk out here and there about tipping. I’ve been asked about it a lot and I figured it’s time for us to talk abut these things.

The latest salvo in New York City got my attention. Now, there have been times when I’ve seen “suggested” tips on a primarily offered receipt — the most recent time at Lulav, where I was presented with the tip-tied bill at 20 percent first.

I CAN SEE:  How a casual glance for the unprepared might lead to overtipping.
  • Kat Robinson
  • I CAN SEE: How a casual glance for the unprepared might lead to overtipping.
I’ve been called on tipping when I’ve tipped poorly and once for over-tipping (my waitress thought I was being condescending). I’m to a point now where I leave a tip for anything short of the server personally coming over and intentionally expectorating on my food (with the exception of fast food in locations where there is no wait staff).

Good service will get you 20 percent with me. Bad service, at least 10... Just don’t take that as an excuse to be a bad waiter.

So, I’ve chatted with some waitpersons here lately… and have heard distressing stories. Like the girl at the mid-range pub who had a group of 12 for lunch one day and a $5 tip — for around $130 worth of food. The diner maven who kept trying to give me the chance for my $5 for a $20 lunch for the three of us — she was good but couldn’t imagine she deserved a little cash for the effort.

And then there was the pizza joint waitress who I happened upon a few weeks ago… I won’t mention the restaurant because it really wasn’t to blame and I like their food. This particular waitress dressed down an eight-top of twenty-somethings, one of whom had allegedly smacked her posterior. She berated them until a couple of them tossed a couple of dollars on the table. I was impressed by her fortitude but wondered if she’d have employment at the end of the night. After all, even politely asking for a tip is considered bad form.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear how you feel about tipping.

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