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From Arizona: Bruce Aiken



Aikens Noon at Redwall Cavern
  • Aiken's "Noon at Redwall Cavern"

Hello, Candy fans. I thought I'd pass along this image of work I saw yesterday at the Museum of Northern Arizona because of the style's resemblance to a certain Arkansas painter of rivers.

Bruce Aiken has lived in Bright Angel Canyon along the Grand Canyon for more than 30 years. The image above does not do justice to the original's capture of light on the river. He sometimes paints on an enormous scale (as befits the subject matter); the work I like best is his quieter, subdued landscapes.

The Arkansas painter Aiken recalls is, of course, William McNamara.

McNamaras Ripples and Reflections
  • McNamara's "Ripples and Reflections"

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