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Tuesday To-Do: Country Bucks



Country Bucks plays Downtown Music Hall Tuesday night.
  • Country Bucks plays Downtown Music Hall Tuesday night.
8 p.m. Downtown Music Hall. $8.

Mark Deutrom — aka Mark D. — has a resume to make any heavy music fiend turn green with envy: He went to school at the California Institute of the Arts, attending seminars with such luminaries as John Cage, Morton Subotnick and Aaron Copland; he started the Alchemy label in the '80s, producing and releasing albums by Neurosis, The Melvins and Rich Kids on LSD, among others; he played bass for The Melvins — arguably one of the most influential metal bands ever — during an incredibly successful period in the band's long history, even opening what turned out to be Nirvana's final show; and he collaborated with Sunn 0))) on a European tour, among many other very awesome, very metal things.

Earlier this year, he released "The Value of Decay," a darkly psychedelic solo album that captured the sturm und drang of sprawling metal acts like Neurosis, but sounds less angry, more contemplative and bluesy. His band Country Bucks naturally incorporates more than a little bit of demented, Melvins-style heaviness, but with an added ZZ Top-style boogie rock sound.

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