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Saturday To-Do: Casting Crowns


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Casting Crowns plays Magic Springs Timberwood Amphitheater Saturday night.
  • Casting Crowns plays Magic Springs' Timberwood Amphitheater Saturday night.

7:30 p.m. Magic Springs' Timberwood Theater. $22.50-$55.

OK, as of yet I have no hard evidence to back up this theory, but just hear me out: I believe that somewhere in this great nation of ours, there is a gleaming, ultra high-tech subterranean laboratory where a crack team of researchers and scientists creates sounds that are systematically engineered to cause listeners to sway side to side with their hands in the air while praising the Lord.

Call it the NORAD of CCM.

I also believe Casting Crowns to be one of the biggest projects, er, sorry, "bands" created in this top-secret, strategic Christian music nerve center.

Anyways, Casting Crowns has sold like a zillion records of soaring, dramatic praise pop, the perfect soundtrack for all those super important, emotional moments in your adolescence, like that time at Centrifuge camp, when you met this really awesome girl Sarah, who's from Alabama and you really liked her, but your friend Brandon liked her too and you guys had this really tense conversation about it while you walked along the beach in Panama City but you both agreed that you met her first so you should get to tell her you like her and then later you finally worked up the nerve to tell her and you went to the worship hall for the Casting Crowns show to find her but she was already there, swaying side to side with her arms in the air next to that backstabber Brandon!


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