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Watermelon everywhere



Well, it’s watermelon time. I’m out to find myself a Cave City watermelon; I’ve been craving that sweet goodness all summer.

This is the weekend of the big competing watermelon festivals. It’s already officially started in Hope, where the melons have already been brought out and the first slices consumed at the rate of $1 or $1.50 a slice, depending on size. Over the next few days there will be arm wrestling, softball, mini drag races, pickle juice, quilts and other craziness. You have to pay for your melon in Hope, but there’s a lot going on over several days.

The big deal in Cave City is also underway — but you have to wait until Saturday afternoon for the ice cold melon. At a set time in the afternoon, all the local growers will start pulling their donated melons out of a refrigerated truck and start slicing it up and giving it away — for free. There’s a lot of music in Cave City, with gospel and folk, bluegrass and Southern rock represented in City Park.

Do you have a melon preference? Do you believe in the power of the gigantic Hope melons, or would you rather sink your teeth into Cave City’s sweeter options?

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