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Pieday followup: Lemon pecan at E's Bistro



UNIQUE:  Es Bistros Lemon Pecan Pie
I previously lamented that I missed out on the lemon hazelnut pie when I went to do my research for Pieday. I ended up sampling and enjoying the Hershey Pie, a decadently rich yet light chocolate cream pie.

Elizabeth over at E's Bistro saw my posting here and invited me to come back and try the pie I had been searching for. As it turns out, lemon hazelnut was a fluke. She'd set out to make up a lemon pecan pie that particular morning and had discovered she was out of pecans.

So this pie. I was expecting something in one of two directions — either a lemon cream pie dotted with nuts, or a pecan pie with some heavy bright yellow lemon custard within. I encountered neither of these. Instead, I found the pie enigmatic above its salty pastry crust. The lemon custard within was like a light version of a pecan pie custard, yet lighter and less sweet, far less cloying, almost delicate. Above it hovered a layer of lemon glazed pecans that acted more as a nutty, savory crust than a heavy player in the production. It was a very delightful pie that I'm excited to revisit again.

Turns out, the recipe comes from a customer of Elizabeth's who shared it quite some time back. I can quite honestly say, I have never encountered a similar pie. Such a pie is exactly the sort of unusuality I search out when researching Pieday. If you have a suggestion, please pass it along.

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