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Tuesday: Honky



Honky plays White Water Tavern Tuesday night.
  • Honky plays White Water Tavern Tuesday night.

10 p.m. White Water Tavern. $5.

Boy howdy, all you fans of sleazy, rip-roarin', beer-soaked, potty-mouthed, big-butt-loving, cheap-hotel-stayin', delicate-sensibilities-offendin', trucker-speed-bingin', unironic-cowboy-hat-wearin', homemade-porno-watchin', trash-TV-enjoyin', pistol-packin', Waffle-House-leftovers-eatin', unfiltered-Marlboro-smokin', ditch-weed-preferrin', condom-forgoin', deodorant-mockin' rock 'n' roll sure have a tough choice to make between the Nashville Pussy show and this one.

Honky's acid-fried Texas grunge boogie hits many of the same trashy sweet spots, but with a way more blues-drenched, ZZ Top/Molly Hatchet sort of flair. The band is led by former Butthole Surfer J.D. Pinkus and includes drummer Justin Collins, formerly of Little Rock.

It's unfortunate that these two shows had to happen on the same night. You could either flip a coin or simply try to defy the laws of time and space and occupy two places at once. Might be worth a shot, anyway. Midtown's favorite sons, a.k.a. Sweet Eagle, open up what's sure to be a real hangover inducer.

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