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Saturday To-Do: Alien Ant Farm


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Alien Ant Farm plays Revolution Saturday night.
  • Alien Ant Farm plays Revolution Saturday night.

9 p.m. Revolution. $11 adv., $15 d.o.s.

If you have an unquenchable thirst for nu metal and managed not to sustain any serious moshing injuries at the Sevendust show, then by all means, don't miss Alien Ant Farm.

The Riverside, Calif., band was part of that unrelenting late '90s tide of groups that combined rapping and metal with wearing Adidas gear and having dreadlocks and making a lot of hand gestures and jumping around and feigning some manner of angst-y sensitivity while generally acting like an agro jock.

Alien Ant Farm is probably most often remembered for its worldwide smash-hit cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," which historians will surely someday acknowledge as one of the most disastrous moments of the early '00s. It wasn't as bad as Sept. 11 or anything, but still.

MeTalkPretty (not a typo, the words are supposed to be run together like that; we've apparently run out of acceptable things to name a band) opens the show.

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