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Pieday: Blueberry cream at Mud Street Cafe



LIGHT AND FLUFFY:  Blueberry cream pie at Mud Street Cafe
  • Kat Robinson
  • LIGHT AND FLUFFY: Blueberry cream pie at Mud Street Cafe
Sometimes you just luck into something fantastic — even when the folks who make it don’t realize how fantastic it is. That’s exactly the case that happened to me at Mud Street Café in Eureka Springs.

I’ve been hoping I’d find another good Eureka Springs pie. I mean, before this I’d only found one, the Possum Pie at Myrtie Mae’s. Most places around Eureka Springs serve up dandy desserts — from Local Flavor’s chocolate torte and crème brule to Grand Taverne’s goat cheese cheesecake to Sparky’s chocolate truffles — but pie is just not as prevalent there as over the rest of Arkansas.

I wasn’t even setting out to find pie when my dining companion and I stumbled into Mud Street Café for breakfast. It was an allergy-rific morning and at 8:30 a.m. the heat had already reached 96 degrees. It was going to be hard to determine a good choice for breakfast anyway. All I was certain of was that the coffee would be tasty.

Of course it was. It always is there. I had a cup of Organic Kenyan with a shake of vanilla and my day automatically got better.

Then my dining companion pointed out the pie case, and I melted. There were a nice selection of pies and cheesecakes there, and I was instantly drawn to the blueberry cream. It looked so cool and refreshing.

We went ahead and did something naughty — ordered dessert not only with breakfast but BEFORE breakfast. He ordered the chocolate raspberry pie and some of the great garlic grits. I ordered the Mexican omelet.

And out came our pies. I have to say, the plates were cute but the presentation was a little messy. It’s hard to share how pretty the pie was when it’s on its side. I shoulda taken a picture of the case… but the coffee hadn’t quite set in yet.

It was so good… whipped cream with blueberries throughout over a filling of more blueberries and cream on an Oreo crust soaked with blueberry juice. It screamed fresh blueberries but not cloyingly so. I coulda just settled for that and coffee for breakfast.

My dining companion didn’t fare as well. The chocolate raspberry pie was tasty, sure, but it was so strongly chocolate and raspberry that it was overwhelming. A good pie for coffee. A little much for breakfast.

So I should tell you about breakfast, too. I’ve done that before, but not with this dish. The Mexican omelet is full of beans — literally. It’s packed with pinto beans and onions and topped with salsa, sour cream, chives and tomato chunks. No meat at all, but very very filling. Almost too filling, in fact, seeing as I had started with pie for breakfast.

And then there were the grits, which deserve their own special notice. The grits were extraordinarily garlicky — fresh garlic, for sure — baked and sliced and covered with Cheddar cheese.

Extraordinarily strong on the garlic. But seriously — they made breakfast in themselves. These are stick-to-your-ribs grits that will remain with you throughout the day (as will the garlic, we later learned).

So back to that blueberry pie. When our waitress came around and asked us how we liked our meals, I told her how I felt about the creamy dessert. She told me it was the first one they’d made — with fresh blueberries just obtained from the farmers market. It was an experiment — but what a great experiment. I hope my praise leads them to offer it throughout blueberry season.

You’ll find Mud Street Café below Romancing The Stone on Main Street in Eureka Springs. It’s open every day except Wednesday for breakfast and lunch. (479) 253-6732 or check out the website.

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