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Inventors of esteemed 'crabcore' genre to play Juanita's in September



A practitioner of crabcore in his natural environment.
  • A practitioner of 'crabcore' in his natural environment.

In the world of popular music, as in the world at large, the gears of time grind on. Trends come and go. Another day, another genre. Each week seems to bring forth yet another new sub-specialty-micro-niche musical mutation that the kids will momentarily freak out over before moving on to the next thing, and that the grownups will hate, not understand or just laugh at, for a brief moment before remembering that they need to schedule the online bill-pay and call the AC repair guy and file their taxes.

Ah, to be young again. To hear with fresh, unbiased ears. To listen - to really listen - without judgment and cynicism and world-weariness.

But seriously, WTF is going on with this shit?

Can anyone explain the appeal of Attack Attack! to me? It appears to be a group of kids whose parents bought them really nice gear, and they like to make expensive looking videos where they're playing out in the middle of nowhere, shifting around hilariously like crabs, while playing a truly perplexing mix of chugga-chugga breakdown metal and awful teen radio pop, with vocals that are Cookie Monster one minute and auto-tuned Nu emo whining the next.

"Crabcore," the term inspired by this video, isn't really a new phenomenon. The odds are good that you've already seen the video. One of your fellow new-music-hating, senior-citizen buddies probably posted it several months ago on Facebook, where you all had a good laugh at it. Well, your laughter might be making Attack Attack! successful and wealthy. Or at least well-known.

All joking aside, the band's videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube over the last year or so. How many of those were kids who really like the band? How many were just jaded old-timers getting in a fleeting laugh from a viral video? I don't know, but this will probably be a huge show.

Attack Attack! plays Juanita's September 25. Tickets are $13 in advance or $15 at the door.

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