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Strong Man Finals coming to Hot Springs




Dust off your hernia truss, folks, because something tells us just WATCHING the America's Strongest Man finals — coming to Hot Springs' Summit Arena August 5-6 — will be enough to make you blow an internal gasket.

Beefy dudes will compete in a series of Herculean strength challenges, including one event in which they lift a compact car and see who can hold it off the ground the longest (no, we're not kidding). One of the preliminary rounds for the ASM competition was held in Hot Springs last year. That event was free and open to the public, and we're trying to get confirmation that this year's event will be free as well. For more info, visit the ASM website or

Examples of the gut-busting challenges competitors will face on the jump...

Friday, Aug 5 events:

Landers Harley-Davidson Yoke & Sled: Drag a 950-pound yoke and a 700-pound “Fat Boy” sled for 60 feet each with a one-minute time limit.

Bigg Dogg Strongg Husafel Stone: 400-pound H-stone lift from the ground carried as far as possible.

Allen Tillery Chevy Colorado Wheelbarrow: rear wheels of a mid-sized truck (yes, TRUCK — ed.) will be lifted and competitors will then push it 80 feet like a wheelbarrow within a one-minute time limit.

Saturday, Aug 6 events:

Coco Beverage Budweiser Keg Over the Bar: 16-foot bar with 8 kegs of various weights thrown over the bar with a one-minute time limit.

Push-Pull Medley: 200-pound circus dumbell lift; 675-pound axle dead lift; 320-pound axle clean and press; 715-pound standard dead lift; 340-pound log clean and press. Any order in 75 seconds.

Allen Tillery Chevy Cruze Car Hold: Car will be lifted and held as long as possible.

Atlas Stones: 300-pound to 60 inches; 330-pound to 60 inches; 360-pound to 54 inches; 380-pound to 54 inches; 420-pound to 54 inches. In a 75 second time limit

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