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Pieday: Fresh apple at Sodie's



ATTENTION GRABBER:  Fresh apple pie at Sodies
  • Grav Weldon
  • ATTENTION GRABBER: Fresh apple pie at Sodie's
Have you ever just seen something you really wanted to eat and ordered it right away, even if it wasn’t appropriate? That’s exactly what I did when I went into Sodie’s in Flippin.

Seriously. Yes, it’s a soda shoppe with all sorts of great ice cream creations. I couldn’t help myself. The pie looked too good.

My dining companions and I on this particular warm June day in Flippin were discussing the region and all the cool things we were about to discover. Yet the only thing that seemed to have priority in my mind was this tall apple pie sitting under glass on the counter. It had been cut for a slice so you could actually see the stacked apples and spice within — not gelatinous like canned apple pie filling but layers of apple that were certainly still raw when that pie went into the oven.

We ate our lunches, which included a rather large and tasty appetizer, the Portabella Mushroom ($8.99). The menu advertised it as a large mushroom covered in sour cream Ranch sauce, battered and deep fried — and then covered in cheese and bacon — but it was far more massive than we anticipated, being not much smaller than a dinner plate. The monster dish was just enormous… and noteworthy.

We also had variations on sandwiches — wraps and quesadillas — but even though I was enjoying a great chocolate soda from the fountain, I was still thinking about that pie. I was worried that my companions wouldn’t want to stick around for dessert. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Got my apple pie. Aw yeah. A la mode. The thick crust on both top and bottom was buttery and a little salty. But it was those apples, apples baked with cinnamon and nutmeg and allspice and a little sugar, they were the real star. I picked up bits of crust and an apple slice and dredged it through the ice cream for a perfect sweet and tart bite. Oh, my.

I should mention, because it bears mentioning, that Sodie’s is a really cool place, a combination soda fountain - pharmacy - sports bar, and it’s the place to go if you’re in Flippin. Not hard to find — it’s right there on Highway 178 right where old Highway 62 and 412 are. There are signs, and all the locals know where it’s at. Check it out. (870) 453-SODA or check out the website.

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