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What Marfa might say about Bentonville



On Saturday, the David Zwirner Gallery in Soho will screen the documentary "Marfa Voices," about Donald Judd and his impact on the small Texas town he moved to from New York City. Marina Cashdan writes in the Huffington Post that thanks to Judd, who bought 15 buildings for both living and studio spaces, Marfa is now known "within the international art world set."

The documentary will talk about the changes that art tourism brought to the little West Texas town, where galleries began to bloom like cacti after a rain thanks to the arts focus Judd brought there. Is there a parallel to Crystal Bridges and Bentonville? Bentonville was in no danger of drying up and blowing away, but the people of Marfa have been affected by Judd's art as well as the economic boost.

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