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Tuesday To-Do: Sea Nanners release 7" debut


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10 p.m., White Water Tavern. Donations.

A few months ago, while talking about the band formerly known as Reptar, we said that "in a town rich with throwback rockers, it's refreshing to hear a fiercely fashionable, ultra-current band ready for blogs, not bars." And it's a statement we still stand by. These guys specialize in jittery, Internet-era Americana that's driving, melodic and deceptively complex. We've spent the bulk of the year playing and re-playing their two released songs, "Peleliu" and "Queen of the Brodeo." (Both are available to stream on Bandcamp.) It's a scant number of releases, even for a group of newbies, but what Sea Nanners lacks in output, it makes up for in replay value. Tuesday sees the band debut its first release: the "Queen of the Brodeo" 7", containing the aforementioned tracks. If you're the type, like me, who tends to press the "repeat" button, you'll be well served to buy two.


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