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Friday To-Do: Free Love Virgins




8 p.m., Prost. $5.

Twenty years ago, sometime around the time "Smells Like Teen Spirit" debuted and, locally, the old Towncraft guard was thrashing away at the Belvedere, five Little Rockians (Justin Bank, Chope Chappell, James Donato, John Slater and Kelsey Stout) passed over angst chic for sounds right out of Athens, Ga., and NME Magazine. Admittedly, Free Love Virgins didn't change the world with their brand of jangle-pop (they had to change their name to FLV to play Riverfest '92 to appease the morality police), but they had a such a good time doing it that, 16 years after their break-up, the guys are re-banding for a one-night-only reunion. Expect tracks from their 1991 album, "Garden" (available for free at here), and a good bit of Cameron Crowe-shaped rock nostalgia.

One Free Love Virgin opens the night with his new outfit, Justin Bank and the Royal Electric.

Check it out: this cool promo video the band put together for the night.

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