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Let's talk 2FAN again: Arkansas Pastel Society



River Market by Mary Ann Stafford
  • "River Market" by Mary Ann Stafford

OK, I'm parceling out the 2nd Friday Night venues, because there's so much going on it seems unfair to lump it. For example: At Christ Episcopal Church tonight, you can see work by 17 members of the Arkansas Pastel Society: Shirley Anderson, S. Caruthers, Gertrude Casciano, Lois Davis, Marlene Gremillion, Sheilah Halderman, Mary Nancy Henry, Susan Hurst, Melanie Johnston, Sister Maria Liebeck, Jo Magee, Diana Shearon, Cathy Spann, Mary Ann Stafford, Debbie Strobel, Teresa Widdifield, Caryl Joy Young.

It's 5-8 p.m.; rubber-wheeled trolleys will get you there.

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