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My favorite fried pies are returning


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See that? That’s one of Ms. Lena’s fabulous fried pies. They’ve been extinct for about a year now — ever since the original closing of the DeValls Bluff pie shop.

As you’ve followed here on Eat Arkansas, Viv Barnhill brought back the pie shop featuring those big fluffy whole pies a while back. But the fried pies? Sadly, no. Something about that really amazing crust that crisps back up when you want it to, those big fried overstuffed pockets… dang, I have missed them.

Well, they’re coming back. Viv’s brother Carl is going to start back making them on Saturdays again, starting the 21st (not this Saturday but the next). I coulda sat on this information and gone and had my fill, but I like you people, and these pies need to be shared.

So the word is given. You’ll find Ms. Lena’s Pie Shop still where it has always been, on Highway 33 just south of Highway 70 in DeValls Bluff. Viv sells those whole pies on Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but the fried pies are Saturday only. (870) 998-1393.


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