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Friday To-Do: Keller Williams




9:30 p.m., Revolution. $19 adv., $25.

Keller Williams is something of a jam-band circuit all-star, an acoustic guitar M.V.P. Also, the man is a beast. I've spent nine years with his unfairly overlooked album "Laugh" and, in particular, his signature song, "Freaker By the Speaker," and still for the life of me can't comprehend how this goofy, babyfaced bro next door lures this certain lick out of his guitar with such clarity and precision. Live, however, he's known for his bag of tricks. A one-man jam band, Williams employs a spread of loop pedals plugged into mounted guitars, basses and mics, creating on-the-spot jams. Even people averse to the jam scene can't help but be wowed by the spectacle. Just check out the YouTube comments sections for the man: "I could listen to him all day, even when I'm not stoned. But I'm always stoned, so it's super amazing." Thanks, bonghitter38.

Check it out: Keller goes HAM.

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