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I've finally posted photographs from my tour of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and I draw your attention to this week's print edition article about the museum.

In a post-tour Q and A with the press about the collection, I asked museum director Don Bacigalupi — rather clumsily, now that I think about it — if curators were taking into account the "community standards" of Bentonville in their purchase of the art? Will anything be particularly racy? Bacigalupi replied that obscenity is in the eye of the beholder, but he added that curators are "not irresponsible" in their collecting decisions.

Bacigalupi told CultureGrrl blogger Lee Rosenbaum later that Crystal Bridges didn't really need the Stieglitz collection from Fisk University, which wants to sell the museum a half share in for $30 million, a decision that's been litigated to the eyeballs since. His words:

At this time in the life cycle of this museum, would we be pursuing that collection? Probably not. We don't really need that collection in the way I think it was perceived we needed that collection four or five years ago.

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