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Wes Bentley mounts a comeback



Wes Bentley
Jonesboro native Wes Bentley has been cast in "The Hunger Games" trilogy, which seems likely to be the biggest movie series since "Harry Potter" and "Twilight." He plays Seneca Crane, the maker of the titular, post-apocalyptic, children-fighting-to-the-death games.

It's a big break for Bentley, who's struggled with drug addiction and a lot of bad roles since his breakout role in "American Beauty" in 1999.

Vulture caught up with him recently:

"It feels great, especially when you've been beating yourself up so much and you think everyone else is beating you up," he said. "But I found out that in fact [people] support me and they want to be there for me. It was great for me to realize they were all supporting me."

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