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Saturday To-Do: Kanis Bowl Bash




11:30 a.m., Kanis Park. Donations.

In some admittedly misguided effort to either recapture a piece of my youth or, heck, to have another excuse to sweat in the sun, I bought a skateboard last month. Ten years ago, I could ollie — maybe not with the best of 'em, but I sure could bring my board into the air and back down again nonetheless. Once, a sloppy ollie morphed into a kickflip: the highlight of my summer of 2000. Now, I'm a bit taller, a pudge rounder and a lot more rickety, so I have nothing to show for my JT & Skateboard Summer Reunion Tour other than a couple dozen bruises and a loud pop in my elbow. I should leave it to the pros. But I, for one, don't plan on missing out on the chance to see some of Little Rock's best skaters do their thing at the historic Kanis skatepark.

The annual benefit, to raise funds for the skatepark's maintenance, will feature locals tackling the park's bowl and a day packed with indie, punk and hip-hop acts from the area. The lineup: Jungle Juice, Cucurbits, 9th Scientist, Shoplift, Veridium, Well Well Well, Stone Goat, Winston Family Orchestra and Wicked Good. The Kanis Bash wraps up with an after-party at the Enjoy Life skate shop, indoor park and arts space in North Little Rock.

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