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Wednesday To-Do: Disney on Ice's 'Princess Wishes'




7 p.m., Verizon Arena. $12-$45

Heading to the refreshingly cool, darkened confines of Verizon Arena for a couple of hours to munch on junk food and geek out over Disney characters — balloon-headed cartoons and dime-piece princesses alike (Tinkerbell, holla) — pantomiming canned dialogue and whirling through the air like human gyroscopes may just sound like the single greatest imaginable way to observe Wednesday’s unofficial holiday. But being stoned around a gaggle of squealing children is awful creepy. Not as in “children are creepy when you’re high” (although we have no doubt they are): as in “great idea, but that’s something creepy people would do.”

We here at the To-Do List in no way, shape or form condone neither creepiness nor celebrating 4/20 by getting baboon-butt ripped and going to a family event. No way, Cheech. We know you were thinking it, too.

The ice show stays at the arena through Sunday.

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