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Sunday To-Do: Exene Cervenka/Kevin Seconds CANCELED



UPDATE: The show has been canceled. Ms. Cervenka, who made her multiple sclerosis diagnosis public years ago, had to cancel a number of upcoming shows. A terribly bummer for many reasons, but we're sending good thoughts her way. Thanks to reader L for the tip and Matt White for the details.

This being a week full of shows for charity, the Rock Candy blog humbly suggests making a donation to Sweet Relief in lieu of Sunday's cover. Sweet Relief, a fund which provides financial assistance to career musicians, has been a favorite of Exene and X at large for years.

8 p.m., White Water Tavern.

Icons, y'all. These two are icons, if not undeniable punk royalty. They also represent, perhaps more than anyone else from the late-'70s/early-'80s zenith of melodic punk, the easy-to-imagine, hard-to-achieve feat of aging gracefully. Johnny Rotten is shilling Sex Pistols perfume, Henry Rollins has mutated into a meathead-curmudgeon-buster fogey, but Kevin Seconds (of hardcore legends 7 Seconds, whose sound can be traced, big time, to our Towncraft-era bands) and Exene Cervenka (of X, the single greatest band to ever come from Los Angeles) are spending their 50s studying the simple strands of folk DNA that provided the protein for punk music. And both punk and folk are all the better for it.

Kevin Seconds' last trip to town, opening for Ted Leo + Pharmacists at Vino's in October, saw him take to the middle of the crowd for some harmonica-driven Americana sung with an earnest grimace and a high tenor. Cervenka, the "Alien Lord" herself, last visited White Water in February 2010, looking like a plucky Montessori teacher and lilting through what seemed to be (welcome) dozens of bite-sized, two-minute folk songs about love, the open road and regrets, wise and masterful, all. Just as interesting: the rows of young men — myself included — shamelessly swooning over the woman whose prime we weren't around to see. (Seriously, who else has made so many rockers blush as radiantly as Exene during X's numerous trips on early Letterman? Even young Dave couldn't hold back a few unarmed titters.) Her latest album, "The Excitement of Maybe," is a widely praised, intriguing addition to the melancholic, Southern Gothic canon that's populated by the Neko Cases and Gillian Welches of the world.

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