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We heard about this earlier from our art maven friend in Fayetteville, but just saw mention of it on the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art website: The museum commissioned an artist to design a full page advertisement in the New York Times' special museum section that ran March 17. The ad announces that the museum will open on the (oddly whimsical, but I guess memorable) date Nov. 11, 2011.

Kay Rosen does text-based art, using words as art elements that expand on their meaning. In the case of the CBMAA commission, Rosen has played with the idea of reflection: the reflection of the various galleries in Crystal Springs, the viewer's reflection on art, the play of ME turning into WE.

Don't know what a full page advertisement in the New York Times costs — about $25,000? — but we're not worried about what that will do to Alice Walton's budget.

The artist's statement from the CBMA website:

Artist Statement

REFLECTION draws its inspiration from the position of the museum pavilions at the edge of the ponds, from language (the structure of the letters M and W), and from the newspaper format whose fold falls exactly where the two entities meet. M and W are the only two letters in the alphabet that can be paired and inverted to form a vertical symmetrical relationship, as if they were mirror images of each other. Enlisting Eʼs to form ME and WE, against backgrounds of green (trees) and blue (water), the pronouns represent the individual and the community and their relationship to art, to nature, and to each other.

-Kay Rosen

Now the question is: Will New Yorkers come running? We're glad no airfare will be required to see CBMA.

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