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Monday To-Do: The Body




8 p.m., Downtown Music Hall. $7

Why do we write about this metal duo every time they come through town? Is it because of Lee Buford and Chip King's roots in North Little Rock? Is it because of their long, faithful service to Arkansas's music scene? Is it because The Body has established itself everywhere from specialty doom metal blogs to the newsstands? Is it because every time they play a show in their hometown, something insane and unexpected happens? (Their last show at Juanita's didn't even make it to the 20-minute mark before the insanity started to push smoke, not noise, out of an enormous house speaker.) Yes. And no. It's because their last album, "All of the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood," is still one of the best, most daring albums of any genre to come out in recent memory, anywhere, and their live show lives up to the expectations. Only adventurous listeners need apply.

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