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Should you wrap your banana?



Del Monte is planning to offer single bananas individually wrapped in packaging designed to prolong the shelf life of the fruit. Is it necessary?

One of the most portable fruits around, bananas come in their own thick, easy-to-peel skin. There’s one drawback — they tend to go brown a bit after a few days.

The new product line will be marketed as “Natural Energy Snack on the Go.” It’s aimed at single-banana sales in places like truck stops and gyms.

Okay, I can see this, to a point. I can see how it might make putting bananas in vending machines more palatable to the processed-foods industry, sure (though when that banana gets dropped from slot B8 down to the drawer at the bottom it’s going to get bruised). But… really? Banana peels are already great packaging — biodegradable (except for the little logo sticker from Del Monte or Dole) and bright. What do you think?

A friend of mine sent me a link to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, with just one thought on the mediocrity of this idea.

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