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Jeff Nichols profiled in Texas Tribune



Jeff Nichols
Jeff Nichols got some good ink over the weekend in the Texas Tribune, Evan Smith's non-profit news site that has a partnership deal with Of special note, Sony Pictures Classic, which purchased Nichols' new film "Take Shelter" sight unseen before it showed at Sundance, says it expects to mount a best actor campaign for star Mike Shannon and that the film will likely debut in the fall, though if it is accepted to Cannes in May, possibly earlier. Surely, the Little Rock Film Fest will get it in June.

From the Tribune piece:

Though “Take Shelter” did not win any prizes at Sundance, the Sony Pictures Classics deal represents a vindication of sorts for Mr. Nichols, whose debut feature, “Shotgun Stories” (2007), went mostly ignored outside movie geek circles. Now he’s being compared with David O. Russell (“The Fighter”) and Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”), idiosyncratic directors who strike that elusive balance between edgy and mainstream.

As for Mr. Nichols, he is determined to capitalize on his moment. After enduring a year on the film festival circuit waiting for “Shotgun Stories” to sell, this time he wants to throw himself directly into another movie. A few weeks after Sundance, he flew to Los Angeles for meetings about his next film, titled “MUD,” which he hopes to be shooting in Mississippi in August. (While tight-lipped on the specifics, Mr. Nichols offered up this description: “Sam Peckinpah directing a Mark Twain story.”)

“That’s the good thing about having a completed script that I’m ready to go work on,” he said. “I don’t have to wait around for the jury to come in.”

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