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Generational pie



HEAVEN HELP ME:  I want some more Dang Good Pie.
  • Grav Weldon
  • HEAVEN HELP ME: I want some more Dang Good Pie.
I have to tell you about this pie. Boy, I sound like some sort of crazed grandmother or something… but seriously, there’s this pie…

Found it at 302 on the Square in Berryville. Now, I’ve waxed poetic on their South Carolina Strawberries and Cream before, which is an awesomely good dish in itself. But this pie… this Dang Good Pie (that’s what it’s called) is worthy of a bit of recognition.

This pie is a friend of the cook’s grandmother’s grandmother’s recipe — it goes back at least five generations. It’s pineapple and coconut lovingly baked into a butter crust. It’s buttery, sweet and rich and I want some more right now, but dang if I don’t have it.

You can salivate over that pie and learn some history too, over at Tie Dye Travels.

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