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Friday To-Do: Mike Jones


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10 p.m., Club Hollywood. $10 early admission.

In high school, Houston rapper Mike Jones would get regularly kicked out of class for shouting his own name. Apart from being, let's admit it, kind of hilarious, it turned out to be a killer marketing strategy. His first single, "Still Tippin'," is one of the best rap tracks of the aughts, grounded by a wobbly, half-measure violin sample from the "William Tell Overture" and nailed down by, well, you know how it goes: "Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones! Who?" I won't go into how much fun it is to listen to the Swisha House Man of the Year roll alliteration and assonance into the microphone. "Pullin' tricks, lookin' slick at all times when I'm flippin'/bar sippin', car dippin' grand wood grain grippin'" may not be sublime, but it sounds cool. Since, he hasn't been able to recreate the success and Dirty South brilliance of "Still Tippin' " (although "Drop and Gimme 50" came close), but he's still on the grind, releasing the requisite number of yearly mixtapes, dropping guest verses with everyone from Bun B to Ron Artest and, now, swinging to Little Rock for a club performance as part of Club Hollywood's Friday Night Concert Series.

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