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Valley of the Vapors announces 2011 lineup




The cool kids in Hot Springs have put together another (well, a seventh, actually) year of Valley of the Vapors, the annual multi-day independent music festival that brings an array of wild, left-field SXSW-bound bands to Maxine's Pub and, the spiritual home of the festival, the Low Key Arts center.

Over the course of six days, from March 20-26, the VOV will feature bands, workshops, lectures, amazing tacos and, of course, a healthy dose of hedonism if'n you stick your snout in the right place.

Check out the full lineup and schedule on the VOV webpage.

And we've got some highlights after the jump.

Alright, y'all, here's a few things we're looking forward to:

* NYC shoegaze badasses A Place to Bury Strangers. The loudest band I've ever seen.
Watch: "I Know I'll See You"

*The “How To Build and Use Guitar Effects Pedals” with Oliver Ackerman, A Place to Bury Strangers frontman and pedal maker and engineer for U2, Nine Inch Nails and Wilco, amongst otheres.

*Brooklyn experimentalists and critical darlings (this critic included) Parts & Labor.
Watch: "The Gold We're Digging"

*Japanese punk superheroes Peelander Z.
Watch: "So Many Mike"

*Sugar rush noise-punk duo Japanther.
Watch: "Radical Businessman" (with Spank Rock)

*Catchy Kiwi rockers Surf City, whose self-titled EP is one of my favorite releases of the last few years.
Watch: "Records of a Flagpole Skater"

*The unbelievable sadcore Americana act Theodore. Again, whose last album, "Hold You Like a Lover" is a favorite. (Also, these guys wrecked myself and the rest of my band pre-set at last year's VOV with a few rapid-fire games of Beer Sparks Pong. Gak.)
Watch: "Half Pint" (live @ KDHX)

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